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With so many websites it becomes difficult to remember long URLs that you have to nagivate to regularly. Grab the links to all your favorite websites that you want to share, or would like to navigate to much easier.

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Drop your links into our link shortener tool. We will generate a generic shortened link for you, or you can create a free account to add your own customization to your links.

Step 3: Share Links |

Now that you have your custom links, you can easily share links, and remember them to navigate to your favorite sites. With a free account you can also track how many people are using your link once you share it with our simple to use link analyitics.


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Make it easier to share links and customize them to make them even more trustworthy when you share your links.

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Make the internet yours by creating custom links that can help you better navigate the internet without being restricted to a single browser.

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Track The Links You Share

When you're sharing a link for your website or anothers, you might want to know if people are clicking them. You can easily collect the data you need by simply signing up for your free account using our link shortening system.

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Customize, Share, & Track all your links in one place for free! Create an account to generate shorter links that you'll remember and improve the readability for sharing.